Shopping Tips for Travelers

Shopping in a foreign country can be rewarding and exciting but it has its pitfalls, intricate art of haggling is a challenge for visitors who are used to fix prices at their mall at home, Shopping is fun and one can easily get carried away. Below is a list of tips and tricks that can help one avoid making an expensive mistake while shopping.

Think about the product use.

· Before one hands over his hard earned cash it is important to stop and think whether the item he or she is to buy is useful at home, depending on variation in technology some item are only used in certain country, also the power rating of some item is set depending on country of use, it is thus important to look at those two aspect to avoid spending on an item that is of less use in your country.

Look for variety.

· Don’t just stop on street and buy in case of clothing hunt out small boutiques it is possible to find an original piece that is hard to find on street here, check label to see its origin, go for locally made item as they are cheap compared to imported one.

Avoid tourist shops.

· In tourist shops goods often have inflated prices, it thus important for one no to fallow tour guides recommended shopping areas as they are paid for sending one in those expensive premises, one should do his own research on best shopping areas.

Do a research.

· If one intends to buy expensive items such as Jewellery, art or an oriented carpet it is important of him to do a good research about company loading charges, processing fee as this can have a difference to the final cost of the purchase.

Compare prices.

· Prices fall from stall to stall it is thus important for one to compare prices before deciding on where to buy, ask for a rough guide of local prices from someone e.g. hotel concierge.

Prepare to haggle with traders.

· It is fun but helpful in cutting down the price, do not just buy a product on it marked price ask for price reduction i.e. two third of its original asking price, the main trick is to appear not too eager to buy, for them to cut down the price.

Pay via credit card.

· For big ticket item such as jewelry it is important for one to make payment via credit card as this can protect one if he or she get home and realizes that the purchase is not worth what he paid.

Never enter in a haggling situation unprepared.

· On approaching the seller it is important of one to have already shopped around and determine approximate cost of an item , one should have two numbers in mind that is the price that one would ideally like to pay and maximum amount one is willing to spend.

Look of quality item.

· Nowadays the market is floored with substandard products, it is thus important of one to conduct a good research on the manufacture and the origin of the product to avoid falling in a trap of fake product.

Traveling from one country to the other (USA),It is important for one to be authorized by USA ESTAas this body authorizes one to travel thus one faces no traveling problems.

Philippines-Best Places to shop

World over shopping malls are fast taking over the shopping experience and becoming part and parcel of an average person’s lifestyle. In Philippines for instance, these places have turned into one-stop outfits providing a wide range of services including entertainment, beauty, health, leisure, and recreation and of course shopping. Today an average Filipino can easily take a stroll to unwind, shop, wine and dine at one of these establishments with a sense of wow to the onset and fulfillment of the new shopping concept.
Here are a few places a tourist or local Filipino would want to consider when intending to shop in Philippines.


The gateway Mall hosts shops selling top brands like Lacoste, marks and Spencer, Hush Puppies and Nike. It is strategically situated at the LRT2 and MRT junction making it easily accessible to commuters. It has an open garden restaurant right at its center a setting that gives dinners a cool outdoor experience. Gateway boasts a wide range of other amenities among them a movie houses encompassing the platinum Cinema which is an ultra-modern movie theatre. The many other restaurants surrounding Gateway tend to crown the ambience with their wide range of specialties.

Robinsons Galleria

Robinsons Galleria is a creation in one of Metro’s busiest districts and is favorite hangout for students and yuppies from the area. Uniquely , it isn’t a typical mall donning people and boutiques rather it is a comfy space teeming with great stores like Dorothy Perkins, Cardams , Penshoppe, People are People Shoe Salon, Nine West, and Nothing but Water.

Shangri-La Plaza

Popularly known as  Shangri-La Plaza is ranks among the top high end Malls. Apart from its sterling architecture the Shang is home to all kinds of stores offering trendy and latest shoes, apparel, sports, electronics and much more. It’s an up-market center providing some of the best restaurants placed on the top floor of the mall overlooking the city. This creates a great dining ambience.

SM North

This SM North is center is one that has seen better days and can one that be said to have pioneered the mall shopping idea. It’s among the most visited and heavily populated shopping malls in Philippines. It’s a 4 level shopping bazaar is home to more than five hundred retail shops. 12 movie houses, restaurants, and services stores

Robinsons Place Manila

This one is located at the city center on the Malate-Ermita border. It is loved and frequented by foreign tourists, professionals, and students. The centers meets the needs of patrons at all levels. It continues to expand giving shoppers a memorable experience.

It has a 4 sections having fancy restaurants and high end stores. Here you can get a gym, cinema halls and several arcades especially for gaming fans. The center of the mall has a circular atrium that provides a venue for shows, exhibits, concerts and fashion shows

SM Megamall

The mall has twelve movies houses, a collection of stores, with 5 floors having featuring stalls, shops, and boutiques. It also has a mega-trade hall put on its top floor. SM megamall is real shopper’s paradise.

It is faces SM North and houses more than five hundred stores offering a wide range of products at friendly rates. It has amazing architecture including a reverse waterfall, a color changing luminous façade, and multi layered terraces.

This is a favorite shopping spot for the rich. It has 4 different malls having cinemas, restaurants, stores, and an onstage theatre. Here you can find Asian cuisine and European delicacies. The place offers a splendid Makati skyline view. It has shops like Ferragamo, Prada, Gucci, Lacoste and Louis Vuitton.

SM Mall of Asia

This is a massive mall; Philippines largest complex to be specific, and ranks 7th largest in the world. It is situated at the Manila bay, and has a whooping six hundred shops. It also houses the country’s 1st IMAX Theater.
These are amazing shopping centers that will definitely leave you with lots of pleasant memories about the country Philippines. Tourists from the UK hoping to drive around and enjoy this wonderful experience need to have a valid Uk driving license.

Some favorite Christmas Eve traditions

Christmas Eve,celebrated on December 24, is filled with excitement. While some people go to church, others arrange flowers at Christmas and children are found waiting for the Santa Claus to bring gifts.Christmas Eve is a time of feasting and celebrating family traditions.Family members from around the globe get together at this auspicious occasion to set up Christmas tree, decorate the house, and hang wreaths and garlands. Since the Christmas Eve is just few days away from now, let’s reminisce some of the favorite family traditions.

Pajamas and the party
One of the most popular traditions in most families is related to Pajamas, which are gifted to each other in the family before the special day arrives. Some families love to wear colorful and matching pajamas, somelike a bit Christmassy look while others pick the ones that reflecttheir interests.No matter what fabric or design they choose, the new pair of pajamas makes everyone look cute in Christmas morning photos.

Baking the cake for Jesus
Although this not a common tradition, some families bake cake at Christmas Eve to celebrate the Christ’s birth. Home-baked festive treats is considered one of the most exciting part of festivity, where children are encouraged to participate.People also send Christmas flowers and gifts to needy people from Santa to spread the Christmas cheer.

Opening one present under the tree
With the arrival of winter season, children start counting the days to Christmas to get attractive presents, and this anticipation is at its peak on the Christmas Eve. Buy some nice gifts for everyone in the family (especially your kids), wrap them elegantly and place them under the Christmas tree. On the Christmas Eve, ask your children to open just one gift. Try to give Christmas book, board game or things that can maximize the fun of that night.

Lavish dinners
Christmas calls for huge parties but people prefer to spend time with their immediate family at the Christmas Eve. Great food makes sure your small party goes with a bang. So special consideration is given to Christmas Eve menu; people mostly prepare easy and incredible meals like a refreshing starter followed by a main course of fish or lamb and a delicious pudding.

Hot chocolate and Christmas stories
There is no better way to bid farewell to the Christmas Eve than taking hot chocolate and sharing Christmas stories in cozy beds. You can catch lots of inspirational stories from the internet to teach your little one about the traditions and history of this time,and share your favorite Christmas memories from the past.

Don’t forget the poor in your Christmas celebrations. There are some charitable organizations that send comfort packs to them, donate what you can and help them make lives better!